How it Works

Basically the inscriptions in italics are very much as carved on the stone, the words at least, I didn't take too much notice of punctuation, capitalisation or line breaks. The data itself which is not in italics is usually not as carved, it follows a formula, the relationships at the start of the lines are the relationships either to the first person listed in the gave or to the first person following an "Also" on a line by itself. The order of the occupants may have been changed for the sake of clarity but where an inscription in italics refers to a person that person will precede or follow the inscription as apropriate. I have taken several liberties, where only a first name was given I have added the last name of the father if available or the husband or mother if not. I have used only two forms of names starting with "Mac", Either "Mc" with the following capitalised or "Mac" with the following not capitalised.

The photographs are a compromise, they are low resolution because of the limitations of space on the server and speed of download for someone just browsing, to double the size of a picture you multiply the file size by four. Where there is a posibility of making out all or some of the inscription on a stone I have included a zoom facility which only doubles the space required on the server instead of quadrupling it.

The site should work on any computer with any browser at any resolution but I haven't the resources to test it on any but a few of them. I have included a Low Graphics version, for people with browsers which don't support the features required for the main versions, which should work on anything.

The "Next" and "Last" buttons usually lead to the graves either side of one being viewed though often one of them will lead to the first or last grave in a different row which will usually still be nearby and occasionally to a grave in a different section of the graveyard.

I have made a great effort to ensure the information is as accurate as possible but occasionally I had to make a best estimate, some of the headstones were extemely worn and difficult to read. Where something was completely obscured I have either taken the data from another source or replaced it with question marks.

Legal Bits

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