Ministers Statistical Accounts For the Parish of Latheron.

1793 By the Rev. Mr Robert Gunn.
1840 By the Rev. George Davidson.

History of Caithness.
James T. Calder
Pedigree of John Sinclair of Barrock.

Caithness Family History.
John Henderson, W.S.
Caithness, Earls of.
The Gunns.
The Hendersons of Stemster.
The Hendersons of Achalibster and Westerdale.
The Hendersons of Nottingham and Gersay.
The Sinclairs of Assery.
The Sinclairs of Dunbeath and Latheron.
The Sinclairs of Freswick.
Robert Sinclair of Geise.
The Sinclairs of Greenland and Rattar.
The Sinclairs of Lybster.
The Sinclairs of Murkle.
The Sinclairs of Scotscalder.
The Sinclairs of Stemster and Dunbeath.
The Sutherlands of Forse.
The Sutherlands of Langwell.